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FUNdamentally Nuts

Offering nutty products from 2014-2013

-   ABOUT US  -


My name is Lisa and I'm nuts about adventures, good food, and trying new things. For several years, I've baked hearty crunchy nutty granola.  I found just the right combination of oats, mixed grains, nuts, and natural sweetening from New England natural maple syrup.  After sharing a few batches with family and friends, several people suggested I make this tasty treat available more widely, so FUNdamentallyNuts was born. 

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and remain in contact with families in that beautiful war-torn country. Proceeds from FUNdamentallyNuts provide these families ways to earn a living. We've funded the purchase of a motorcycle taxi to provide a way to feed a family of 9; we sent money to help a young widow start a business selling boards for people constructing houses. We've covered the cost of care for a woman with a heart ailment needing treatment and follow-up monitoring. Since the start to the end of our endeavor in Dec 2023, we have continued to support these families' children's health and education which is increasingly difficult with covid.  Every purchase you made helps - thanks!

In Dec 2023 I decided to end this business to focus on some other endeavors. If you want recipes or connections to other local granola or nuts suppliers, send me a message re "contact us" 

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