FUNdamentally Nuts

Offering nutty products since 2014

-   ABOUT US  -

        My name is Lisa and I'm nuts about adventures, good food, and trying new things. For several years, I've baked hearty crunchy nutty granola.  I found just the right combination of oats, mixed grains, nuts, and natural sweetening from New England natural maple syrup.  After sharing a few  batches with family and friends, several people suggested I make this tasty treat available more widely, so FUNdamentallyNuts was born. 


       I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and remain in contact with families in that beautiful war-torn country. Proceeds from FUNdamentallyNuts provide these families ways to earn a living. In 2019 we funded the purchase of a motorcycle taxi to provide a way to raise money and feed a family of 9. We sent money to help a young widow start a business selling boards for people constructing houses and covered the cost of care for a serious medical illness and follow-up treatment with monitoring. In 2020 we will continue this support.  Every purchase you make helps - thanks!

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